Hope and Healing

An hour of my time….

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The other day I was asked what I do.  I tried to explain about Hope and Healing – but the question came right back – “What do YOU do, on a daily or hourly basis”.

My day is often so varied that this question is difficult to answer. So let me tell you what I did in the last hour.

  • I spoke with our Gift in Kind manager – Tim – about a shipment of hospital beds and medical equipment to the Democratic Republic of Congo. He was working on shipping manifests and other details, as well as trying to find ways to ship needed medical equipment to Haiti, Zimbabwe, and Tanzania. Each is a different partner. Each has a hospital that needs these things. Each has people waiting for the equipment.
  • I had a quick meeting with a variety of people to go over next years program commitments for Hope and Healing. We are now at a point where we have to decide which project, partners, interventions, and countries we will support next year. These decisions have to be made based on criteria for partnerships, impact, cost, and accountability. Our program office of Winston and Emily have all the reports and budgets, and with our Finance office (Steven) and Marketing and Communications (Beth) we need to strategize which will be funded. At the back of my mind I know that when we make a decision to fund one project, we are in effect saying no to another. We need to make those decisions wisely.
  • I spoke with Robin who is in Partnership Development about a breakfast she is arranging for tomorrow morning. We are honored to have a number of people from the community, including politicians, long time supporters of Hope and Healing, and pastors coming to breakfast tomorrow. We will be sharing with them a bit of our work in Kenya. (That will tell you what I am doing in my first hour tomorrow morning!)
  • I had an email reporting that a long time supporter of Hope and Healing has died and left a sizable legacy gift. We are always honored to hear about these legacy gifts – which many times are the best way to honor the values of those individuals.
  • I skimmed online the Globe and Mail, New York Times, and other newspapers to see if there is anything that is happening in the world today that will affect our work. I did find that the investigation into the killings of the IAM workers in Afghanistan seems to be pointing to outside fighters – not Afghanis. I also read a very interesting editorial in the Globe and Mail from Lorna Dueck on the Canadian Church’s response to the census discussion. Lorna’s editorials are always insightful and timely.
  • I dealt with a few emails concerning details and agendas for future meetings and trips – to BC in September, Africa in October, and Europe in November – and board meetings in October.

So what do I do? In the last hour that is what I did. The day is still young.