Hope and Healing

An Invitation to Prayer

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An Invitation to Prayer for Hope and Healing International

We had a fittingly joyful and forward looking afternoon at the staff launch of Hope and Healing International last week. Our guest speaker, Lorna Dueck spoke of the need to undergird our work in prayer and excellence. I heard in her talk a call to a spiritual discipline – the discipline of prayer.  She spoke of the need for private and personal prayer. She spoke of the importance of corporate prayer. We have both in Hope and Healing International. So during devotions and prayer time, let’s think of this as a spiritual discipline, a way to stay tuned to God’s will, and prepare ourselves for the ongoing work of Jesus in our lives and organization.

Our board member, Pastor Andrew Mills prayed for the work of Hope and Healing International with this prayer. I’m sharing his address and prayer with you, our supporters and with our staff as an invitation to pray for Hope and Healing International in the weeks and months ahead.

Here is the message and Prayer from Pastor Andrew Mills, board member, Hope and Healing International:

A name change is an important thing. Because names biblically reveal character, purpose, and value.

 And in this case while we have changed our name, we haven’t changed who we are. We’ve just made it clearer, and more up front. That what we have done, are doing, and will do – bringing hope and healing all over the world.

 So today is an important day, because we are clearly proclaiming to the world who we are. And this is why we want to pray, and thank God for this important work in our lives.

 “God today we come before you grateful for all you have done in the past. The lives transformed, the gifts that have been given, the children healed, and the hope that has been shared.

We recognize the gifts and sacrifices of the past that have led us to this moment. A moment with a new name, but with a renewed calling and mission. So today Lord we again commit as Hope and Healing International to follow you. To love everyone, as you loved us. To value everyone as you value them. And to give as you have given to us.

 So today we humbly come before you and ask God a bold prayer. Might hope and healing flow in our world. Might hope and healing change our world. Might hope and healing flow in our lives. Might hope and healing flow in the lives of partners, supporters, and friends.

 Because our world is broken in so many ways. But now is always the time when more good needs to be done. So we commit to making a difference by having our lives changed, and partnering with you as you change lives. So might hope and healing flow into every corner of this world until every soul is overflowing with hope, and every heart full of healing to share.