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Dream boldly…

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One of our many wonderful staff persons in Hope and Healing – Robin – recently returned from a trip to Malawi. She came back with a challenge to us. Robin said we need to dream boldly.

Robin met a man who came from rural village. As a young boy he met a surgeon and he dreamed he too, would become one. He got his education and went to work as an orderly in the hospital. He worked hard and got the attention of the management of the hospital. After many years of work, training, and proving himself he is now a cataract surgeon. From a village with no running water and electricity to becoming a cataract surgeon – he dreamed boldly. This man is now inspiring others in his village and community to dream these bold dreams.

Robin wondered why we did not dream so boldly.

I saw this in my trip to Africa as well. In places in Kinshasa and Nairobi, where I expected people to be paralized by the reality of even finding food for today, I saw people dreaming boldly. We met mothers who had to decide which of their children would eat that day. Yet, these same mothers had bold dreams that  included education for their child who is deaf. It included sight for a child with disability. In one case we heard of a mother who walked with her son over 800 kilometers through jungle and hard terrain because she heard that someone could provide an operation for her son to see! Talk about dreaming boldly.

We have so much, and yet what do we dream about? Do we limit our dreams? Do we encourage our children to dream boldly? How different would the world be if everyone would dream boldly?