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Haiti – What's next

July 22, 2010General
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Haiti has reached a turning point. Out of the immediate danger from the earthquake and onto the challenge of meaningful, sustainable development.

My role as a physiotherapist has transitioned from being a front-line caregiver for an overwhelming number of people with injuries and broken bones, to working with hospital administrations in order to establish long term plans to better serve people with disabilities.

Fewer people are now presenting to the hospital as a result of the earthquake but the services that have been provided in light of the quake has allowed for people living with disabilities to seek support that before January 12th, they did not know was possible. The need for this kind of support continues even as broken bones heal.

The effects that the earthquake has had on hospital systems have dismantled the financial structures that support ongoing operations of vital services. Many relief organizations and individuals that came to assist and volunteer in Haiti during the earthquake are now leaving or have left creating a challenge in being able to continue to support the health care needs. The landscape is constantly changing and so are the people who are here.

I feel tremendously blessed to be a part of CBM who has decided to remain within Haiti and continue to work alongside and support the Haitian people. Having been here for the past five months, I have also been fortunate to see progress and the processes of transformation.

Working in the hospital system, I have witnessed lives restored after hundreds of surgeries have been performed. Hospital parking lots once filled with post-quake residential tents have resumed having cars in its now empty lots – an indicator that people have found ways to move forward from the hospital. While the acute injuries may be over, there are many challenges that lie ahead.

Having been able to see the transformations that have taken shape in Haiti, I am encouraged that CBM will be able to work with our local partners to find solutions to these challenges. With your continued prayer and support, we know our journey will be made lighter and the path clearer.

Julie Hard

Hospital Project Manager
CBM Haiti