Hope and Healing

It's About the Future…

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I wondered what would strike me in my return to Kinshasa. Surprisingly it has been the small things – the building thunderstorm, colourful lizards, beautiful butterflies, sunsets that cannot be described, the methodical sound of the chopping of a man pruning a palm tree. Each of these evoked a flash of memory.

It is also the people. Phrases that I did not remember until they were spoken. The pace of life. The humor.

People here in the Democratic Republic of Congo have gone though so many difficult years. As I finished high school in Canada and went on to University, got married and got work – the people here have gone through civil wars, displacement, poverty and disease. As I saw men of my age I wondered how our lives have gone such different paths. We shared so much – and yet so little.

The people I have met here this week are truly amazing. In extremely difficult circumstances they are bringing hope to literally the poorest of the poor. A child who is deaf showing us her school. The smile of a child with CP. The 2 year old blind baby grasping my finger and not letting go. There is hope!

I came wondering at what I would recognize here. Yes – there are things I do remember. This week here however has been a turning point for me. It is not about my memories – it is about the future for people here.

That feels good to me.