Hope and Healing

Libby Little inspires

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In August 2010 Tom Little ,along with 9 others who were on his medical team, was killed in Afghanistan. This week Libby, Tom’s wife, is in our office. This morning she gave our office devotions and shared her story with us. If you ever have a chance to hear Libby speak you should make sure you don’t miss it. Her love of God, commitment to service, and humility is amazing.

As she told her story a couple of things jumped out at me. They include:

* Libby said again and again that neither she nor Tom did anything spectacular. They were faithful to God’s call, in something they loved, almost always in obscurity.

* The work that they started is continuing. NOOR Eye Hospital is thriving and training eye specialists.

* Without Hope and Healing NOOR Eye Hospital would not exist.

* Tom’s dream was always to reach out from the institutions to the most remote areas. Unfortunately, as a result of the teams death this has not been possible to continue. Please pray that it will become possible.

* Tom’s view of witness was to come alongside people and have people feel and witness the work of God. Life giving work will inspire people to have interest in the Gospel.

* Libby feels a strong assurance that good will come from evil, that love will endure. She feels compelled to speak about this story so that new young people will commit to serving God.

Hope and Healing will continue to support the eye work through the NOOR Hospital in Afghanistan. It is our prayer that as Libby speaks to youth conventions and universities around the world, a new generation of people dedicated to living alongside people in poverty, making a difference, and in so doing bringing the love of God will emerge.

Please join us in that prayer.