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Opportunity Links Canada with Malawi

March 11, 2014General
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At Hope and Healing we believe all people have equal value. This means that when given opportunities for education and leadership and employment, people with disabilities have so much to offer their communities.

One man, who believed this whole-heartedly, was our friend Paul Hutcheson. A devout Christian and long-time advocate for persons with disabilities, Paul faithfully served on the Hope and Healing Board for many years.

Our hearts were broken when Paul passed away five years ago. Inspired by Paul’s passion for the development of people who have a disability, we created the Paul Hutcheson Scholarship Fund in his memory. The purpose of the fund is to open new opportunities for a person with a disability who lives in a country where there is extreme poverty.

Finally, we met James Banda, a young man who was working with our partners in Malawi. Once we got to know James, we knew he was the perfect candidate for Paul’s scholarship fund.

I have personally gotten to know James over the past two years. He doesn’t want pity. He doesn’t want to be inspirational to anyone.

James simply wants the opportunity to grow as an individual, to serve Christ, and to contribute to his Malawian community.

Here is a strong young man who is firm in his faith in God, confident in his own abilities, and is already creating opportunities for himself. With further training in accounting, James will become an even stronger leader in Hope and Healing’s partner in Malawi.

Listen to his story and think how many other James Banda’s are out there – waiting for their opportunity to serve God and their community. We’re sure Paul would be delighted with our choice for the scholarship in his name.