Hope and Healing


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The news from Pakistan continues to be so troubling.

 Unprecented flooding throughout Pakistan which began in late July has affected more than 20 million people and caused the largest humanitarian crisis in history. Nearly 8.6 million children (almost 50 per cent of the total affected population) are believed to have been affected due to the floods. Large numbers of children and women are yet to be reached with humanitarian assistance they urgently need.

3.5 million children are overwhelmed with different diseases including gastro, cholera, diahherai, skin and waterborne diseases to unhygienic water and malnutrition in Pakistan. The situation will only get worse.

 It is easy to be numbed by the overall numbers. Each of the numbers is a person, with a family. Today I heard the story of 50 year old Meer Hassan. Meer lives with his extended family. At an early age he had polio and is in a wheel chair. He owned a horse and cart, and made a living by transporting people and goods in his community. The good news is that the floods did not kill any of his family. The bad is that it destroyed his home, cart, and killed his horse. He is now in a displacement camp 600 kilometers away. When he was asked, he said he has no hope anymore for the future. His home, livelyhood, and hope were all washed away with the floods.

 Meer is one of those whose immediate needs are being met. He has shelter, food, and immediate medical attention. Meer needs the long term assistance to get back to his community, rebuild his home, get another horse and cart, and be able to once again know that he is supporting his family.

 I am glad that Hope and Healing will be there for people like Meer. The news cycle will end on the flooding in Pakistan, but our support for people like Meer will not!