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Prove it!

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When I was a kid, this phrase was often used to silence an argument. New ideas, something a bit different, a new concept was often challenged with the phrase “prove it”!

It’s still important today to prove what works and why. Over the last three years we’ve been working on 3D printing of prosthetics. We believed that we could make the latest technology work for the poorest kids – and we proved it.

We’ve completed clinical trials in three countries – Uganda, Tanzania, and Cambodia. We proved that this technology actually makes prosthetic sockets quicker and with a better fit, for more kids. Quicker means that more kids can be treated, go to school and have a future.

Now we have another challenge. How do we engage hospitals in the poorest countries–who often have difficulty funding themselves—to try this new approach? When we talk to hospitals we are often asked to prove that our new idea will be a good investment and worth the money to train staff.
Again… prove it!

Our plan is to equip one early adopter hospital this year with 3D technology, train their orthopedic staff, equip their community workers, and provide support to make it happen. This experience will prove to other hospitals and clinics that this approach works. Once we’ve proven the benefits, we’ll roll out this technology to 9 more hospitals.

We’ve proven that this technology works. We’ve proven that 3D printed prosthetics are more comfortable and faster to make than traditionally produced ones. We now have to prove to our hospitals that this approach will result in a positive return on investment – and they will serve more children in a better way.

You can help be part of that proof.

The bottom line for me is not the technology. What drives me is the constant need to prove that kids with disabilities–given the opportunity–can go to school, be successful, live full lives, and contribute to their families and communities. That is the ultimate proof.

Come alongside and … ”PROVE IT”!