Hope and Healing

She’s a back to school “Miracle”

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As I drove to work this morning, I saw a school bus full of kids heading back to school. It reminded me of a little girl I had visited in Malawi, whose name was changed from ‘Lonely’ to ‘Miracle’. It was a miracle she was alive, let alone able to go to school. Let me explain.

One morning, ‘Lonely’s’ mother found her unconscious with a high fever. They couldn’t easily get medical care as they were living in a rural village. When they were finally able to reach a doctor, he thought Lonely wouldn’t survive.

When she came out of her coma, she couldn’t sit, hold her head up, or move by herself but at least she was alive. The doctor said it was a miracle she didn’t die. So, from that moment on, the family changed her name from ‘Lonely’ to ‘Miracle’.

After Miracle was back home, the cbm Community Worker came to her village each week to give her rehabilitation therapy. He also taught Miracle’s mom how to do daily exercises with her.

Miracle had been receiving therapy for about a year when I went to visit her. I read the case worker’s weekly reports. About half way through the year, the Community Worker wrote, “[Miracle] Child can sit on her own,” — a huge milestone!

The second time I visited Miracle, she was still weak on one side but now she was walking, talking and playing! I asked to see the last note written in the case worker’s report – written the day I was there. In bold letters it said …. “child is ready for school”.

That sent chills of excitement down my spine.

Yes, school is starting again and it’s so easy to take for granted that all kids can get an education. Sometimes I like to stop and think about how precious it is for kids who are living in poverty with a disability to go to school. How much these kids value their education because it gives them hope.

Sometimes it takes a miracle and someone like you to get these kids to school.

Thank you for being part of the miracle of transforming lives…for kids like Miracle.