Hope and Healing

The challenge of "Good to Great"

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Last week I attended the Leadership Summit in Toronto. This is a global conference where top speakers talk about their area of expertise. One of the speakers was Jim Collins – author of “Good to Great” and other excellent books. One of his areas of expertise is analysis of what makes some businesses and organizations excel, while others stay mediocre or even fail.

Jim Collins said way too much to recap it here. One thing he did say was that one characteristic of the great organizations and businesses is that they were indispensible. If they did not exist, there would be a gap in services – something missing. Collins said that each of us should look at where we are and ask – if we did not exist would it be noticed?

At first I was delighted to answer this question – certainly if cbm did not exist there would be a huge gap in the world. We have been able to impact over 20 million people last year – without us this would not have happened. People are seeing, walking, interacting with family, working, and in school because of us. I can honestly say that cbm is indispensible!

But in thinking further I wondered if this is all good. Maybe the fact that we are indispensible in the world is not altogether a good thing for our cause. Our vision is that all people have equal access to health care, education, church, family, and recreation regardless of their ability. This will only happen when everyone takes up this cause, and it is not left to cbm.

For our vision to succeed, we have to be less important.