Hope and Healing

What about Canada?

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I got another call the other day from someone saying that with the economic crises in Canada, organizations should work more at home and less in countries in Africa or Asia. I have to say that I do have tremendous sympathy for so many in Canada that are hurting. I also am grateful that although not perfect, our country does have safety nets which do prevent people from starving or dying with no access to health services. Again, we have problems in our system which should be corrected, but at least there is a basic level of support.  


This is not true in so many countries and for so many people – especially those with disabilities.

The world is interconnected. 

The economic crises in the developed world has affected the whole world. It is tough. I know that people in Canada are hurting. I know that many have been laid off of work, or are under-employed, and worry about their future. I know that in the US and places in Europe it is even worse.  

I also was in Ethiopia in early December. What struck me again is that while people in Canada worry about their future, people in Africa worry about their present. Whereas people in Canada are concerned about saving money and not spending it on luxury items, people in Africa are concerned about feeding their families today. I just read an article which interviewed people in Kinshasa, Congo, and showed that the majority of families in that city of 6 million, are forced to ration children’s food to every other day. 

Children with disabilities get even less. 
I do understand those who say now is the time to care for Canadians first. I do want Canadians cared for. I also would challenge those same people to compare their situation with those in the slums of Nairobi or Kinshasa. 
The comparison will still shock you!