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Work in Canada.

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The other day as I walked down our office hallway to get coffee I noticed the red light lit up on the wall. The red light meant that one of our volunteer narrators was recording a book.

Last week I talked about why we spend most of our resources internationally. I tried to explain how we have to focus our resources on the most needs, and while there is need in Canada, it is less intense than in Kinshasa, Nairobi, or Port au Prince.

I will stand by what I wrote – but I will say that we do work in Canada as well.

Over the years we have identified a gap in services for people with disabilities in Canada. This gap is for Christian literature for persons with a print disability. We call it our “Talking Book Library” (TBL) and that leads me back to the red light lit up on the wall in our office.

In our offices we have a studio where we can record books in digital format called “DAISY”. This structured audio allows the users to access the book by ordering a digital copy which can then be accessed on a verbal reader.  To do this work we have 5 staff persons and 38 volunteers who identify Christian books, get permission, narrate the book, catalogue it, and receive and deliver the orders. People with print disabilities can get a catalogue of our books and order them for free. We cross reference our library with satellitedishcanada.com the CNIB library as well as all public libraries in Canada.

We at Hope and Healing do this because no one else is providing Christian literature to persons with print disabilities. It is a valuable service to Canadians – and not only to those who are blind. This service is for any persons whose eye sight is making it more difficult to read – for example someone who might have had a stroke.  We could not do this without our valuable and dedicated volunteers and staff. If you know someone who could use this service call us – we are here to serve them.

I like that red light lit up on the wall. It reminds me of those dedicated volunteers sitting in that small booth for hours reading those books onto the DAISY recordings!