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World Cup Fever!

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World Cup Football fever has hit. I have to admit – I love watching this event. I grew up with football (soccer) and have always loved watching it. The fact that this is in Africa makes it even more compelling to me. I love the excitement in Canada. Next week I will be in Germany for meetings and know that the excitement there will be even greater – I love it! I won’t say who I am rooting for however….

Seeing this football fever reminded me of another game I watched – also in Africa. We were driving in a rural area outside of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, and stopped at a school near a village. This school was one of the first in the area to be accessible to children with disabilities. Indeed, a local community committee had demanded that the school open up to children with disabilities, and forced them to build a latrine that was wheel chair accessible.

This is where we met Peter. Peter is 16, is in a wheelchair and lives 4 kilometers from the school. Every day he is pushed by friends to school. That distance is even more daunting given that there is no paved road to the school from his village. The terrain is difficult and in rainy season muddy. Yet every day he goes to school – determined to learn and work with computers. He could only have this opportunity because the community wanted this to happen, and friends push him to school.  His is an amazing story of courage, perseverance, and community support.

One thing Peter cannot do is play football – and that brings me back to the world cup. We watched a school game along with Peter.